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Dear sir,
Thanks for visiting our web site of Korean Coal Ash Recycling Association
(KCARA). KCARA was established in July of 2004 for the purpose of
exchanging information on the reuse of coal ash in korean

In Korea, the coal is very important fossil fuel for the generation of electric
power and about 37% of total power generation is being covered by
coal-fired power plants, next to nuclear power plant which is about 40%.
Until 1990's, in the mean time, coal ash had been recognized and treated
simply as mass wastes being generated unavoidably after combustion of
coal in coal-fired power plants but from the year of 2000, the recycling ratio
of coal ash has been steadily increasing as the most of fly ash have been
used as a partial substitute of Portland cement in the field of concrete
(ready mixed concrete).

Now, we need to make more efforts to diversify the uses of coal ash in
various areas through exchange of information among the members who
have common interest in the recycling of coal ash all over the world.